Culture Bento offers a new type of enrichment program which consists of two epic elements:

Becoming bilingual Becoming bicultural

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Do you want your children to learn more than just a couple of songs and simple greetings in a foreign language? Get CultureBento!

Do you want your children to learn more than just a couple of songs and simple greetings in a foreign language?

Through this program, children will connect with foreign cultures and grow into individuals with broadened perspectives.

Culture Bento will help kids prepare for multicultural society, a must for their generation if not ours, all while having tons of fun!

Program Structure

Program type A

- with 14 students -

Site instructor will divide students into 2 groups.

1st 20 min.

Group A: Sit down and have one on one lesson with the tutors over Screen

Group B: Work on reading/writing with help from site coodinator

2nd 20 min.

Group A: Practice reading writing

Group B: Practice reading writing

Last 20 min.

Both Group A & B, Play games and have fun activities

Japanese Program

Do you know why people in Japan take baths at night? Do you know why people eat ginger & wasabi with sushi? This program will give students a real look at the cutlure behind the language, through storytime and followup activities.

Origami - Take it to the next level, learn how to fold Origami like pro!
Kendama - Have fun playing Kendama while you learn to focus/concentrate and control your mind and body.
Sushi - Be the first one in your family to know how to make avocado roll and Miso soup!
Petit cosplay - Let's get dressed up in traditional Japanese clothing and try sitting like the Japanese
Abacus - Learn how to calculate in your head, fast!
Festival! - We will play like we're having festival at the end of the program!

Students will also receive a 25 min. one on one Japanese lesson with a native Japanese speaking tutor most each sessions.
They will also learn how to read & write.

Program Scene

Program Scene

Who's teaching?

We selected a group of high experienced tutors who are native Japanese speakers trained to teach Japanese to English speakers.
They make speaking Japanese fun for the students.

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